RSBANDBUpdate! 64 – Tight Dwarven Clothes

posted by on 15th September 2006, at 7:17pm

Tight Dwarven clothes aren’t for me despite what people think near the end of this episode.

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Hosts: Shane, Brad, Trekkie
Duration: 57:26

  • No real Runescape updates this week, just an interesting poll…
  • Does the ring of wealth decrease chances of getting other things?
  • Shane has not got a dragon drop.
  • The consensus is that we’d use the Dragon Scimitar if the Whip was removed.
  • An interesting question about animal testing from Bogrollbloke.
  • We find out how much Star Trek stuff Shane owns.
  • Where should someone train their attack, strength, and defense to 91.
  • What toys did we play with when we were little?
  • Small Apple event on Tuesday. New iPod Nano’s, upgraded standard iPods, new shuffle, iTunes 7, and a sneak peak at a new product. Summary at Leo’s Blog.
  • The folks at Redmond are changing the meaning of what ‘Release Candidate’ means.
  • YouTube is getting a helping hand from Level3.
  • The Rants!
  • You can send in suggestions for Shane’s outfit to
  • Be sure to take our listener survey, it tells us about demographics. It’s anonymous.

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