RSBANDBUpdate! 63 – Taking The Blood Tithes

posted by on 8th September 2006, at 4:45pm

Brad is back, were back with standard Runescape & Tech Questions, and were back at school.

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Hosts: Shane, Brad
Duration: 42:31

  • Darkness of Hallowvale, 3rd in the Myreque series.
  • A pre-lude to a god war.
  • Small fishing village of Witchaven added east of Ardougne.
  • Listener Questions
  • Wildtangent has signed a deal with Jagex to sell advertising within Runescape.
  • The first details of Sony’s PSP download service have been revealed, which will be released in November.
  • Windows Vista RC1 is out, it’s coming along good. I’ll be sticking with XP for a while after it’s released.
  • DOCSIS 3.0 is coming but slowly. We’ll be able to get 160Mbit down and 120Mbit up for connection speed. It’ll have support for IPv6. Original ArsTechnica article.
  • The Rants!
  • Still looking for RSBANDBInformer! applications, you can send them to rsbandbinformer[at]gmail[dot]com please be sure to specify whether you’re interested in the economics application or just a standard application.

Enjoy, folks. Have a good weekend.

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