RSBANDBUpdate! 60 – The Crystal Saw

posted by on 20th August 2006, at 1:29pm

The Crystal saw is making construction easier for everyone… We had a bit of a problem with our first recording which featured two extra people: Nate and Matt. You can download the alternate version here.

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Hosts: Shane, Trekkie, Lance (officially)
Duration: 52:02

  • The Eyes of Glouphrie, good if you like logic and puzzles.
  • An extension of the Grand Tree story line.
  • You will fix this machine in Brimstails dungeon to reverse the illusions of the cute little creatures.
  • The crystal saw stacks with other bonuses! Which means you could theoretically get a +12 construction level gain.
  • Most people play Runescape with Internet Explorer.
  • Lots of your guys questions!
  • Dell has recalled 4 million laptop batteries, are you affected? You can check out the dell battery program to find out more. Oh and here’s a picture of what can happen!
  • Our nine planet solar system could soon become twelve. But should it happen?
  • Swedens pro-piracy party brought out a service called Relakks. They aren’t trying to change opinions, they want to convice the other side that they lost.
  • The Rants!
  • Trekkie has been farming and constructing birthday gifts, Lance has been working on his house, and I’ve been doing Slayer and Combat.
  • We need someone for the paper who can write about the Runescape economy. You need to be reliable with deadlines. Past merchanting experience would be nice. You can send your applications to rsbandbinformer [at] gmail [dot] com
  • If you’re a new listener from iTunes, please feel free to sign up on the forums to discuss these episodes and a whole lot more!

Just a reminder, the file rsbandb_updt_0060.mp3 is the official version of episode 60. rsbandb_updt_0060A.mp3 is a secondary version with lower sound quality, listen at your own risk.

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