Episode 59 – Delivery Men Don’t Get Paid Well

posted by on 11th August 2006, at 8:10pm

This week we have the addition of moonclan island and astral runes.

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Hosts: Shane12088, Brad
Duration: 1:02:23

  • The Gnome cooking update, we’d rather be doing something else.
  • Along with this comes the delivery game, you can get half keys.
  • Last weeks crossbow update provides some new weapons for rangers. They’re crossbows, nothing too fancy.
  • There’s also the addition of grapple points, these are kind of pointless as they some are one way only.
  • We’ve got new magic and ranged prayers, a sailing network, and the graphics update of dragons, giants, and demons.
  • Lots of listener questions!
  • Regarding one of the questions Shane made a video last year. It’s about 247MB but it’s well worth it, and the download is fast.
  • The Opera team is already planning for version 10.
  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is admitting to vista problems.
  • Another Microsoft thing that’s interesting is the new networking stack in vista.
  • Google has started warning users if they are about to go to a website that could harm their computer.
  • This week was the Apple world wide devlopers conference (WWDC) some notable things were the release of mac pro’s, preview of Leopard, Intel XServes, and a cut to display prices.
  • The Rants
  • Informer issue 2 is out.
  • New poll for RSBANDBUpdate!

Enjoy the show!

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