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posted by on 16th July 2006, at 9:51pm

Finally! The website is finally up, which means we no longer need to post each episode in the forums. The forums are still going to be around, however they will be used for the discussion of episodes.

On the left of the website you can see the player, this will play the latest episode. There are also buttons for subscribing to the show in four main places (iTunes, Odeo, Yahoo Podcasts, and Podnova). Of course you’ll still be able to download the episodes manually. Below the latest episode you will see links to our 5 latest shows. Then as always with the R! sites, you can change the appearance and donate if you want to 😉

There are some other links and pages that I’d like to draw your attention to:

  • The forum, you can access this by clicking ./forum up top
  • The faq (frequently asked questions) as this is a podcast there are bound to be questions. Feel free to check in there about any questions you may have.
  • The iTunes link up top will take you to our iTunes page providing you have the program.
  • There are two main rss feeds here.
    • The first one lets you subscribe to the entire website and it’s posts (this one will not download episodes). The feed url is: http://update.rsbandb.com/feed
    • The second one lets you subscribe to the podcast, it has the ability to let you download our mp3 files automatically.  The feed url is: http://update.rsbandb.com/update.xml

With all that said, it’s finally time that this site has been launched.


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