Episode 58 – The Moonclan

posted by on 28th July 2006, at 7:13pm

This week we have the addition of moonclan island and astral runes.

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Hosts: Shane12088, Brad, Lance
Duration: 1:04:24

  • The moonclan island and Astral runes (level 40 Runecrafting needed)
  • New spell book and a source of Rune essence.
  • The only rune alter that is not broken see reply:
    • Dear Bradwoodward,Greetings, Enchanter.

      You ask interesting questions, and one that we sages at Castle Jagex have been debating amongst ourselves since we first heard of the Moon Clan and their miraculously intact altar.

      The theory we have amongst ourselves, is that the massive abundance of magic upon the Moon Clan Isles – indeed the fact that it is entwined within their very lives – has somehow preserved the altar.

      It is known the the other altars within the world began to crumble sometime after the followers of Zamorak burnt down the original Wizards Tower, and thus ended the so-called ‘Golden Age’.

      This old wizard’s heart is filled with hope that an altar is intact, and has been preserved so fully by magic. For perhaps we can begin to learn the secrets of the past, and uncover more of the lost magical arts.

      Should you ever wish to know more of the mysteries of the realm, my friend, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

      Knowledge be thy Shield.

  • Listener Questions
  • Gold farming in China generates real income.
  • AMD is cutting prices on it’s X2 lineup before the new Conroe launch.
  • AMD is going to be buying ATI, although it is in the early stages and may not happen…
  • The Rants
  • No show next week as Barlak and Jiklor are away

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