Episode 56 – Cow Powered Granary’s and The Fairy Queen!

posted by on 16th July 2006, at 10:24pm

This week we have an excellent show for you featuring some guests who we havn’t heard from in a while, including a furry woodland creature ;)  We are still waiting to be validated on iTunes, so that will come later this week.
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Hosts: Shane12088, Brad, Poison333, and Nate

Topics Discussed:

  • Fairy Tale Pt II – Cure a queen
  • The new transportation network, 64 possibilities about 25 are useful.
  • You need 57 herblore, 49 farming, and 40 thieving. You’ll also have to be able to defeat a level 145 monster.
  • Reward is 2qp, 3500 herblore xp, 2500 thieving xp and a lamp worth 2500 xp that can be used on any skill. And of course access to the rings
  • One step closer to the big reward that you were promised from farmer Martin.
  • You can see some pictures on my blog
  • Oh and a new poll, looks like my western alienation post worked… either that or they just intended to do this. Catherby is winning.
  • Listener Questions!
  • The first Firefox 2.0 beta candidate has been released. The codename for this release is Bon Echo. “Under the hood there have been numerous bug fixes and improvements including a spell checker.” You can read the review here.
  • The new Blu-Ray dvd format protection has already been cracked. How you may ask? The print screne button. Obviously it should be automated. Toshiba is already planning updates to fix it. This quote pretty much sums it up:
    “People don’t use P2P because they’re immoral, or uneducated about intellectual property rights, or because they just enjoy wading through a sea of bad rips, trojans, and disguised advertisements for porn; they use P2P because content is either too expensive, or because it comes burdened with so much onerous and restrictive DRM “protection” that they can’t enjoy it the way they want.” Article link.
  • Microsoft has brought out a new application called “Private Folder” which lets people drag and drop files into a folder then they will be encrypted. You would need the password to obtain them again. The problem comes up that sometimes IT people would have problems with this because they need to access a crucial file or check if people are hiding “bad” files. View it here.
  • The Rants!

Duration: 47:36

Enjoy 🙂

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