RSBANDBUpdate! 867 – Binding Hitboxes

posted by on 4th February 2022, at 4:40pm | Discuss Article

Binding contract familiars are buffed because Ripper Demons are so popular. From Hellhounds to Blood Reavers to Kal’gerion Demons we tell you where each should be used. Then the Jmods appear for a live stream detailing 2022 and impending server upgrades.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and David
Duration: 2:03:24

RSBANDBUpdate! 370 – Screaming Solomon

posted by on 21st July 2012, at 7:09pm | Discuss Article

This week we discuss the pro and cons of the new Solomon General Store and what we would like to see in a new veteran cape. There was also big news this week with being able to take out a huge spam network.

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Hosts: Trekkie, Paul, and Uncle Dano
Duration: 1:17:44