RSBANDBUpdate! 828 – Divining the Future

posted by on 7th May 2021, at 4:04pm | Discuss Article

Improved Divination has arrived and XP rates are off the chart. From a five fold XP rate increase to wisp clustering and the economic impact we question the future of Divination. Mobile has also received a UI update to mixed reviews, we provide our own.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Bears OP
Duration: 1:33:30

RSBANDBUpdate! 648 – A Hint of Orange

posted by on 1st December 2017, at 4:54pm | Discuss Article

A quest overview of Evil Dave’s Big Day Out and the debate of bottle quests vs epic story quests. Also, the ribbon gains customization abilities but how does it fit in overall with the RuneScape interface. And the combat winter weekend is upon us.

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Hosts: Shane, Cireon, and Sirapyro
Duration: 2:10:26

RSBANDBUpdate! 460 – Dinosaurs Aren’t Real

posted by on 12th April 2014, at 4:04pm | Discuss Article

The RuneScape banking updates are discussed and we have all you need to know about heartbleed.

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Hosts: Shane (@Shane12088) and Trekkie
Duration: 1:27:08