RSBANDBUpdate! 889 – Once More Unto the Hole

posted by on 1st July 2022, at 4:12pm | Discuss Article

The Beach is back for another year and into the hole we go. We also take a peek at the Zamorak Undercity rewards. Finally, Mod Stu joins us for another instalment of Behind the Crown where we learn why he plays RuneScape and what brought him to Jagex.

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Hosts: Shane and Tanis with Special Guest Mod Stu
Duration: 1:58:04

A run through of the 2017 beach, urn tweaks, a polling update on Skill Pets, and a look at this weeks Unfinished Business Q&A stream with what it means for Mining and Smithing!

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Direct Download – 64 Kbit MP3 (Full Show Notes)

Hosts: Shane and The RRMan
Duration: 1:29:20

RSBANDBUpdate! 628 – Expand or Die

posted by on 21st July 2017, at 5:12pm | Discuss Article

RuneScape is moving to mobile in 2018. We discuss the pros and cons, how it might be done, and what this will bring to Jagex and RuneScape. Also, the much anticipated Star Trek Online special.

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Direct Download – 64 Kbit MP3 (Full Show Notes)

Hosts: Shane, Earth, and Trekkie
Duration: 1:49:00

RSBANDBUpdate! 581 – But Why?

posted by on 20th August 2016, at 4:03pm | Discuss Article

The beach and its absurd cosmetic overrides. We also look at changes to Lumbridge that are 3 years late. And finally, why The Arc trailer looks like a trailer for a mobile game.

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Direct Download – 64 Kbit MP3 (Full Show Notes)

Hosts: Shane and Cireon
Duration: 1:46:25

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