RSBANDBUpdate! 787 – Tipping the Scale

posted by on 24th July 2020, at 4:54pm | Discuss Article

In a surprise update we get to test a long awaited feature, interface scaling. The beach is also back, we sum up the rewards and our thoughts. Then we get a refresh on the story so far with Desperate Times and theorize about Desperate Measures.

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Hosts: Shane and Tanis
Duration: 2:02:14

RSBANDBUpdate! 581 – But Why?

posted by on 20th August 2016, at 4:03pm | Discuss Article

The beach and its absurd cosmetic overrides. We also look at changes to Lumbridge that are 3 years late. And finally, why The Arc trailer looks like a trailer for a mobile game.

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Hosts: Shane and Cireon
Duration: 1:46:25

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