RSBANDBUpdate! 770 – The Zodi-yak is Back!

posted by on 27th March 2020, at 3:11pm | Discuss Article

The first Yak Track of 2020 is here! We go through the rewards and a majority of the cosmetics are on the free track. We learn more about Archaeology rewards and then we have a roundup of all the lore you need to be aware of heading into Archaeology.

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Hosts: Shane and Tanis with Special Guest Diana
Duration: 2:32:05

RSBANDBUpdate! 299 – The Smithing Drain

posted by on 12th March 2011, at 3:36pm | No Comments

This week bring us the Smithing update, but is it the rework everyone has been talking about? Also we talk about declining open space due to clans and advertise bonus xp weekend.

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Forum Discussion

Hosts: Shane, King Kulla, and Davo
Duration: 1:44:58

Full show notes available here.