RSBANDBUpdate! 851 – Saying Goodbye to Yesterday

posted by on 15th October 2021, at 3:55pm | Discuss Article

We unpack the departure of Mods Warden, Kari, and Niku. Mod Warden has also shared a statement with us and we’ll share it with you. Speculation about the future of RuneScape is also on tap this week with that and news that the duel arena is going away.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Bears
Duration: 1:43:08

RSBANDBUpdate! 432 – Bonding With The Community

posted by on 28th September 2013, at 4:40pm | Discuss Article

What they are, the practical, and the ethical. Also our thoughts on what will happen to the clearly defeated Zamorak.

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Hosts: Shane (@Shane12088), Trekkie, and Alex 43
Duration: 1:38:36

RSBANDBUpdate! 355 – Buying Squeals

posted by on 7th April 2012, at 3:49pm | Discuss Article

Easter’s just around the corner, we examine just why Buying Squeal spins is controversial, and we delve into what could be coming in April with the new BTS article.

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Hosts: Shane and Trekkie
Duration: 1:39:57

RSBANDBUpdate! 318 – The War on Bots II

posted by on 22nd July 2011, at 10:34pm | No Comments

Free trade and the wilderness came back in February, the bots followed shortly after. We are back to discuss bots once again with our bot expert, UDS Cap. We cover everything from how a bot works to what you can do to help with the problem.

Note: We recorded this episode before Jagex’s bot announcement on July 16.

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Forum Discussion

Hosts: Shane with special guest UDS Cap.
Duration: 1:57:18

  • What’s a bot?
  • What’s a real world trader?
  • Which of these is the bigger problem currently?
  • If in any way how is what we’re seeing different than 2007?
  • Specific area or everywhere?
  • Which skills are affected?
  • What is Jagex doing?
  • What could Jagex do?
  • What can the average player do?
  • What should a player not do?
  • Does the economy need bots?
  • Listener Questions

Full show notes can be found here.