RSBANDBUpdate! 869 – Spans of Time

posted by on 18th February 2022, at 4:06pm | Discuss Article

We head back in time to 2012 to re-experience the RuneSpan. From the impact RuneSpan originally had to the later impact on training methods we expose the true beauty of Runecrafting. And we share our first micro lesson on Action Bars for PvM.

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Hosts: Shane and Tanis
Duration: 1:20:56

RSBANDBUpdate! 611 – The Courage is Lit

posted by on 24th March 2017, at 3:59pm | Discuss Article

New RuneSpan rewards: Is unstable essence over-powered? A discussion on courage versus laziness when it comes to game design and balancing. And further discussion on the Master Quest Cape!

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Hosts: Shane and Cireon
Duration: 1:58:18

Just how much did Runespan change the way we think of Runecrafting? We also discuss the other updates of the week and what’s coming in May.

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Hosts: Shane, Trekkie, and Davo
Duration: 1:46:44