The Player Owned Farm arrives, we get you started and we run the rabbits through their paces in optimization, both in beans and experience. Plus, why the farm has a chance to become a true supplemental to Farming. And a recap of Double XP weekend!

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Hosts: Shane and Tanis
Duration: 2:10:16

Crystal skillchompas and the choice they bring to the game: augmented vs. chinchompa, gp vs. xp, single vs. multiskill training. A look at Invention batch 2 and a discussion on Oddments and a better strategy for bringing former event rewards to game.

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Hosts: Shane, The RRMan, and Sorensen57
Duration: 1:26:07

RSBANDBUpdate! 596 – Netflix and Kill

posted by on 2nd December 2016, at 4:19pm | Discuss Article

The Advent Calendar is back, Reindeer racing, and winter weekends. Plus should you buy premier club? And finally, a gripping post-max group therapy session!

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Hosts: Shane and Mr. Bistro
Duration: 1:59:25

RSBANDBUpdate! 327 – The Aura of Neutrinos

posted by on 24th September 2011, at 5:13pm | No Comments

The new Loyalty Programme rewards are out and everything is ramping up to RuneFest. We’ve got coverage of RuneFest insider sessions, galleries, and the Golden Gnome Video Award nominees.

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Forum Discussion

Hosts: Shane, Paul, and Trekkie
Duration: 1:35:46

Full show note available here.