RSBANDBUpdate! 892 – Raids, Death, and Taxes

posted by on 22nd July 2022, at 4:45pm | Discuss Article

It’s a scattershot Ninja Strike covering QoL changes to skilling and the Zamorak boss fight. We then go back in time to 2015 Mazcab and have another look at RuneScape’s first Raid.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Thaxy
Duration: 1:53:05

RSBANDBUpdate! 539 – The Goebies in the Forst

posted by on 17th October 2015, at 4:44pm | Discuss Article

We cover the first bottle quest, Call of the Ancestors with a relatively new RS player. Also another round of great questions bringing up pronunciation and breaking free from Apple.

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Hosts: Shane (@_ShaneA), Earth (@Earth271072), and Andrew (Artofdvorak)
Duration: 1:26:30

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RSBANDBUpdate! 526 – The Magical Forst

posted by on 18th July 2015, at 3:53pm | Discuss Article

Mr Bistro joins us to discuss the first batch of Raid bosses: Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru. We also discuss the new Magical Nemi Forst included with Mazcab.

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Hosts: Shane (@_ShaneA), Earth (@Earth271072), and Mr Bistro
Duration: 1:39:52

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