Mod Osborne joins us for a fireside talk on the past, present, and future of RuneScape. What exactly is cadence? What may have an alternate summer looked like? And what is in store for RuneScape’s future?

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Mod Osborne
Duration: 2:03:32

RSBANDBUpdate! 376 – The Tall People

posted by on 1st September 2012, at 3:36pm | Discuss Article

The BIG Chinchompa, buyable bank space, and Mark Gerhard speaks.

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Hosts: Shane, Trekkie, and Alex 43
Duration: 1:45:06

RSBANDBUpdate! 349 – Nod Your Head

posted by on 25th February 2012, at 4:23pm | Discuss Article

The RuneFest Dominion Tower boss, Dominion Tower Changes, and some Valentine’s Day love in the Players’ Gallery! We also debut a new feature, RSBANDBUpdate! Focus.

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Hosts: Shane and Trekkie with Rogie
Duration: 1:42:28