RSBANDBUpdate! 851 – Saying Goodbye to Yesterday

posted by on 15th October 2021, at 3:55pm | Discuss Article

We unpack the departure of Mods Warden, Kari, and Niku. Mod Warden has also shared a statement with us and we’ll share it with you. Speculation about the future of RuneScape is also on tap this week with that and news that the duel arena is going away.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Bears
Duration: 1:43:08

RSBANDBUpdate! 409 – Who’s That Pokémon

posted by on 20th April 2013, at 4:16pm | Discuss Article

The duel arena has been updated but that’s not our main area of focus… The HTML5 beta is! We talk HTML5, what we hope it will become, and have some interesting discussions on rare items and Pokémon.

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Hosts: Shane, Trekkie, and Alex 43
Duration: 1:40:29

RSBANDBUpdate! 310 – It’s The Economy, Stupid

posted by on 28th May 2011, at 4:08pm | No Comments

It’s evening in Draynor village, people are boosting for death and duel hats, and we’ve got a basket of fixes. Unfortunately, none of these fixes fix the economy.

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Forum Discussion

Hosts: Shane, King Kulla, and Jay
Duration: 1:34:51

Full show notes are available here.