RSBANDBUpdate! 905 – Getting Flashed

posted by on 21st October 2022, at 4:42pm | Discuss Article

Wilderness Flash Events tempt skillers to the wilderness with new rewards and two miniquests that point the direction of RuneScape’s future story. The Jagex Launcher now supports multiple accounts and Mod Jack details the rebalancing of drop tables.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Xurdones
Duration: 1:57:46

RSBANDBUpdate! 500 – The Golden Voice

posted by on 17th January 2015, at 5:26pm | Discuss Article

500 – once in the lifetime of a podcast. We do what we always do, bring you the latest in RuneScape, Rsbandb, and Tech!

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Hosts: Shane (@_ShaneA), Earth, and Trekkie
Duration: 1:35:54

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RSBANDBUpdate! 487 – The Straight Jacket Jmod

posted by on 18th October 2014, at 4:46pm | Discuss Article

Ironman has arrived and drop tables have been reworked but is that all? No!!! RuneFest brought us a whole load of goodies to look forward to. We discuss.

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Hosts: Shane (@Shane12088), Trekkie, and Earth
Duration: 2:02:02

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RSBANDBUpdate! 451 – Breaking Records

posted by on 8th February 2014, at 5:43pm | Discuss Article

We discuss our renewed love for Abyssal Demons as well as a reminder as to why the combat beta is important. We also break a RSBANDBUpdate! record.

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Hosts: Shane (@Shane12088) and Trekkie
Duration: 1:28:18