RSBANDBUpdate! 805 – Colossal Tooltips

posted by on 27th November 2020, at 4:19pm | Discuss Article

We got the tip that the Ninja’s have struck again, so we look at tooltips, how they’re better and how they can be improved. We also discuss game engine woes and whether Raksha will be The One Above All.

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Hosts: Shane and Cireon
Duration: 1:59:14

RSBANDBUpdate! 662 – Tutorial Island

posted by on 16th March 2018, at 6:11pm | Discuss Article

Cave Horrors get a graphical and Unspeakable Horrors arrive but there’s something else on an island that draws our attention… Also thoughts on war bonds and the latest major security vulnerability from AMD.

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Direct Download – 64 Kbit MP3 (Full Show Notes)

Hosts: Shane and Tanis
Duration: 2:18:34