RSBANDBUpdate! 680 – The Video Iceberg

posted by on 19th July 2018, at 11:31am | Discuss Article

We make our video debut in the lack of an apparent RuneScape update. Nonethless we got the quest point shop, player owned farms, and an update on clans. Plus is Google being monopolistic?

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Earth
Duration: 1:50:14

RSBANDBUpdate! 328 – Translating Life

posted by on 1st October 2011, at 2:45pm | No Comments

Localized Clan Citadels, we get to vote for best GGVA, and a micro discussion of what the problem is with the current state of the game. All that and more once you download ;).

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Forum Discussion

Hosts: Shane, King Kulla, and Earth
Duration: 1:50:25

Full show notes available here.