RSBANDBUpdate! 798 – The Lore Diggers

posted by on 9th October 2020, at 4:01pm | Discuss Article

In our 4th Archaeology lore deep dive we cover Warforge! What exactly was this deep cavern used for and why is there a forge in it? We dig deep. Also lore from the Kerapac track and all the news on Orthen which launches in 10 days. Plus bot websites go down.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, Cireon, and Diana
Duration: 2:24:58

RSBANDBUpdate! 685 – Bye Bye Botany Bay

posted by on 24th August 2018, at 4:06pm | Discuss Article

Ninja fixes including auto redeeming Dungeoneering tokens, Summoning points, and the ability get feathered at a number of feather shops. Plus we say goodbye to Botany Bay and talk filler bottle quests.

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Hosts: Shane and Tanis
Duration: 1:49:40

RSBANDBUpdate! 445 – A Year in Review

posted by on 27th December 2013, at 3:26pm | Discuss Article

The hosts look at the good and bad of 2013 and where the game should go in 2014.

Reminder: You still have 3 days to enter our Bond contest. Send a private message to myself or Trekkie telling us your favourite RSBANDBUpdate! moment of 2013.

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Hosts: Shane (@Shane12088), Trekkie and Earth

Duration: 1:07:08

  • What went right in 2013
  • What was wrong in 2014
  • Where should RuneScape and Jagex go in 2014?

RSBANDBUpdate! 432 – Bonding With The Community

posted by on 28th September 2013, at 4:40pm | Discuss Article

What they are, the practical, and the ethical. Also our thoughts on what will happen to the clearly defeated Zamorak.

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Hosts: Shane (@Shane12088), Trekkie, and Alex 43
Duration: 1:38:36

RSBANDBUpdate! 380 – End of Summer Madness

posted by on 29th September 2012, at 4:33pm | Discuss Article

We discuss the importance of the new introduction to Al-Kharid with one of the games signature heroes. Rogie also joins us to discuss Botany Bay and what it means to own a trimmed Completionist Cape.

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Hosts: Shane and Trekkie with special guest Rogie
Duration: 1:35:21

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