RSBANDBUpdate! 857 – Partyhat Fever

posted by on 26th November 2021, at 4:03pm | Discuss Article

The Golden Partyhat arrives and the Finale of Once Upon a Time in Gielinor paints a picture of one of our possible futures. In an otherwise hefty set of patch notes we discuss the exaggerated death of Magma Tempest and pontificate on Mod Iroh’s departure.

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Hosts: Shane, Thaxy, and Xurdones
Duration: 2:13:00

RSBANDBUpdate! 544 – The RuneScape 2-Step

posted by on 28th November 2015, at 4:28pm | Discuss Article

Acheron Mammoths, a review of Slayer month, and what everyone has been waiting for, Chronicle! We also bid a solemn farewell to the HTML5 client.

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Hosts: Shane (@_ShaneA), Colton (@Col_tonPU), and Tanis (@TanisHalfElf79)
Duration: 2:01:56

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