Herblore Habitat

  1. Overview
  1. Built around Hunter, Herblore, and Farming, with the primary skill being hunter.
  2. General process is hunt jadinkos for seeds/vines. Grow herbs with seeds and use, along with vines, to make unique and useful potions.
  3. Biggest use is hunter xp, as it offers the best hunter experience in the game at level 75 on.
  1. How it all works
  1. Jadinko Attraction (Combinations of the following)
  1. Flower
  2. Bush
  3. Tree
  4. Feature
  1. 10 Types of Normal Jadinkos and 3 Gods and two types of hunting
  1. Marasamaw (North, South, East)
  2. Tracking (South)
  1. Important Jadinkos
  1. Common - Best initial xp
  2. Igneous - Best mid range xp and JuJu farming potions
  3. Diseased - Juju hunter potions
  4. Zamorak - Zamorak Favour Potions
  5. Draconic - Best xp and JuJu mining potions
  1. Getting started
  1. Start off with commons. Need max traps +1 and buy any flower seed from Papa Mambo.
  2. Commons are best xp until mid/late 70s, however main goal with them is to gather seeds.
  1. Progressing
  1. Once you have gathered a decent stock of all of the seeds and have reached the mid 70s, going for Witchdoctor pieces should become a priority.
  2. You unlock a random piece (top or bottom) by catching all REGULAR jadinkos in 1 week. You will need 80 hunter to do this, but with the ooglog pool or some hunter potions this isn’t too difficult as you only need 1 of each to get a piece.
  3. The last piece of camo (the mask) which also offers unlimited teleports to herblore habitat, is unlocked by catching all regular and god jadinkos in 1 week.
  1. Useful potions
  1. Juju Farming. ⅓ chance of picking an extra herb during farm runs.
  2. Juju Mining. Chance of banking ores when mining.
  3. Juju Hunter. Needed to attract some of the jadinkos in herblore habitat including draconic jadinkos. It is used on the flower to activate its effects.
  4. Zamorak Favour. Gives a 10% bonus to hunter xp in herblore habitat when drank. These are worth getting, unlike the scentless potions, which take more time to get then the time they save.
  1. Wiki Page
  1. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Herblore_habitat