1. RuneScape combat has been largely the same since 2003 (RS2 launch).
  2. In mid 2012 it was announced that Jagex would be reworking the combat system and shortly thereafter launched a beta termed “The Evolution of Combat”
  3. The Evolution of Combat has been met with mixed reviews and the typical hyper-dramatic response from the RuneScape community.


  1. Refocus combat to be more about player skill
  2. Make it easier to access
  3. Give rangers and mages a fighting chance
  4. Fix relationship between Defence, life points, and damage output.
  5. Low players’ combat levels to truly represent their ability.

The Positives

  1. An insane amount of customizability.
  2. Training speed increased.
  3. More strategy required to plan how you’re going to deal that massive blow, not just pressing a button and letting dragon claws do the work.
  4. More options for the future, adding abilities as quest rewards for example.

The Negatives

  1. No guest to talk about this with :(
  2. Special attacks being removed
  3. Combat level formula
  4. Can’t “1-click” monsters - Momentum.
  5. Too much like WoW (hayull naw)