Hello everybody and welcome to this episode’s of RSBANDB’s focus on dungeoneering.

1. Introduce Joord and what do you like about dungeoneering? What was your drive to go and get 120 dungeoneering?

2. What kinds of players are part of a dungeon group? I.E keyers, leechers etc and what do they do?

3. Should new players use other ways of getting their dungeoneering up by other means (lamps, penguins) before going into the dungeons?

4. It is currently getting harder and harder to find a random group because, everybody wants to leech. Do you know of any worlds or methods where you can still get a group together?

 For new players who are just getting started in dungeoneering, how should they run it with a random group? I.E c6 smalls vs large etc

relax DG

Chill DG

3 binds only



5. What items should new dungeoneering players bind? Ultimately what would you recommend as the best set up?

6. Would it be better for an intermediate player to take around an hour to get the maximum number of points possible, or do suicide and leech but many 2-3 dungeons at the same time?

7. What are ways to maximize how many points you can get? Should a player who reset do c1 for all the lower floors before doing the higher up ones?

8.  How do you get a team to complete a 15 minute floor?  What do you expect each player to do and how can a person be faster? How does the group/ keyer keep track of where the key gates are located?


9. What rewards should people send their tokens on?

10. What additions or changes would you like to make?

11. any last minute advice?


Le DG Tips: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL87AAA05939362B88&feature=mh_lolz