1. Our Guest: Uncle Dano
  2. Topic of the day: The Living Rock Caverns


  1. 77 mining (concentrated coal) - 8 spots
  2. 80 mining (concentrated gold) - 4 spots

Unofficial worlds 77, 84 (UK), 88


Trip is ~1 hr. 20 min. (not including shooting star D&D) and yields ~90k xp


Living Rock Protector (120)

Living Rock Striker (140)

Living Rock Patriarch (200) - Rewards: Runite Ore (3 noted), Diamonds (8 noted), Blood runes (125), Mud runes (125), living rock minerals


Good armour (high defence) with Varrock Armour 2 or above

Golden Mining Suit (+2.5% bonus/48 kg/0 defence) - Obtained from Lava Flow Mine requiring completion of King of the Dwarves quest (68 mining). Wear Varrock Armour for defence bonus and for reduced weight.

Enhanced Excalibur (Excalibur [Merlin's Crystal quest] + Seers Headband 3) or Elite Enhanced Excalibur (Seers Headband 4)

Ring of Life or Explorer's Ring (for replenishing run energy) [Ring of Wealth/Gem bag useless: no gems from concentrated minerals]

Amulet of Glory

Coal bag may be beneficial if under 80 mining

Ardougne Cloak for Prayer bonus or Obby Cape for defence bonus

Autoretaliate OFF

Game tab on "Filter" - pay attention to orange/red messages, especially those regarding Juju potions.


Dragon Pickaxe (~12M gp [May 2009 18.4M, Nov. 2011 = 8.5M]) requires 60 attack to wield/61 mining to use or Rune Pickaxe + 1-6 sacred clay pickaxes (from stealing creation)

up to four 4 dose Juju Mining Potions (16 doses max) or up to three 6 dose Juju Mining Potion Flasks (18 doses max)

2 Decorated Mining Urns (r) (requires 59 crafting, gives 625 xp for teleporting) [always have 2 urns in inventory]

12 Earth Runes

Several pieces of high healing food if not using Enhanced Excalibur

1 Mining boost familiar pouch

Penance Horn or Master Horn (if obtained from Barbarian Assault minigame) this stacks with the SC pickaxe bonus xp


1 Spirit Terrorbird (filled with 12 Decorated Mining Urns (nr)) - 14 total teleported Decorated Mining Urns = 8750 xp

1 Obsidian Golem (73 summoning) for +7 invisible mining boost for 55 min. (3.4k @ GE) or 1 Lava Titan (83 summoning) for +10 invisible mining boost for 61 min. (3.8k @ GE) or made from Blue Charm + Obsidian Charm

Alternatively can use a beast of burden instead of mining boost familiar

Juju mining potions:

80 farming

80 hunter

74 herblore

80 construction

Samaden + Draconic Vine


Basically, the two most popular rocks are the concentrated gold deposits in the southeast and the southwest areas of the caverns. The southeast deposit does have a safe spot, however the southwest deposit is out in the open and you could be subject to attack by the monsters. The deposit in the northeast area of the caverns also has a safe spot but is a long run from the deposit pulley which is located at the entrance to the caverns in the central part of the mine. The other gold deposit is located in the extreme northwest corner of the mine and is safe from the Living Rock creatures, but is the furthest distance from the deposit pulley (so this location is not advisable).

The basic technique when mining is to head to the southeast deposit and mine if it until it depletes, running back and forth between this deposit and the deposit pulley. Once this deposit depletes, you can choose to either mine the southwest deposit out in the open, hiding from the attacking monsters on the opposite side of the rock once they have a bead on you, or run up to the northeast deposit and mine from the safe spot. If you are targetted by the Living Rock Striker, you do need to run out of its range to get the attack to stop. This can be quite annoying as they will follow you attacking constantly for quite a distance. If you find that your gold deposits have all depleted, I find it beneficial to mine the coal deposit just north of the southeast gold rock. You will be able to see when the gold deposit has refreshed. Once it refreshes, leave the coal and go back to the gold.

Before you begin mining take a dose of Juju mining potion. This will give you a chance of summoning a spirit which will automatically bank all of your incoming ores for a period of 30 seconds. This effect lasts for 5 min. per dose of potion.  If Juju pot is about to wear off and inventory is almost full, don't take another dose. Let it wear off completely before taking another dose.

As you are mining you will be filling up your Decorated mining urns. Keep two of these in your inventory at all times. As you fill them and teleport them away for the extra mining xp, withdraw 2 more from your Spirit Terrorbird. Note that these are the (nr) urns which do not yet have a rune attached to them. This is the only way to store these in the BoB as the urns become untradeable once a rune is attached. Attach earth runes to these (nr) urns to make them into ( r) urns and then keep mining. Once you have exhausted all of your urns or your BoB lifespan, summon your second familiar which is your mining boosting familiar. Keep mining and depositing until all of your urns are used up and your familiar vanishes.

In the LRC you mine the concentrated ore deposits which are like fishing or woodcutting in that the ore appears constantly without having to click each time on the rock. In the LRC you not only get a single ores in your inventory, but you also have a chance of a double ore (just by being in the LRC). Wearing Varrock Armour (2 or above) allows you to have the chance to mine 3 ores at a time. Finally, participating in the shooting star D&D and taking advantage of the bonus mining reward from this activity just prior to starting your LRC mining run, gives you a chance of mining 4 ores at a time! Multiple ores are very common when you combine all of these together at once. Combine this with the utilization of an SC Pickaxe, Juju mining potions which can deposit all these incoming ores for you (so you don’t have to run to the deposit pulley as often), and urns being filled and teleported at a remarkable rate, you can see that you can significantly enhance your mining xp gain in the LRC.

Shooting Star Distraction & Diversion:

Rewards: 152 Cosmic runes, 52 Astral runes, 20 Gold ores (noted), 50,002 Coins, the ability to randomly receive additional ore when mining for up to 15 minutes of in-game time (The timer on the bonus pauses when logged out). The chance of getting an additional ore is 25%.

POH: Mahogany Telescope in Study (2 min. impact window for star) requires 84 construction/2 mahogany planks/1 molten glass

- can boost from 78 construction with crystal saw from Eyes of Glouphrie quest (+3 invisible boost) and cup of tea from teak shelves in kitchen (+3 boost)

Immediately after mining to the centre of the shooting star, quickly get to the east Falador bank and bank all rewards. Deposit Ring of Wealth and summon Spirit Terrorbird. Fill Terrorbird’s inventory with 12 Decorated mining urns (nr).

Inventory for shooting star:

Essentially all inventory items for LRC

  1. Pickaxe
  2. Familiar pouches
  3. Juju mining potions/potion flasks
  4. Decorated mining urns (r) (2)
  5. 12 Earth runes
  6. Enhanced Excalibur or food
  7. Armour/Jewelry

With additional items including:

  1. Gem bag
  2. Ring of wealth

These will be deposited after star is completely mined out. Swapping the ROW with Explorer’s Ring or Ring of Life.

Stealing Creation Pickaxe

SC morphic tools can be obtained easily (up to 5-6 per hour) by playing rounds of non-cb SC. There is at least one non-cb SC friends chat (“fast sc” in W99 for example) which runs these games.

Ore        Regular XP        SC Pickaxe XP                Ores/Pickaxe        Total XP/Pickaxe

gold        65                130                        116                15,080 (7540 bonus xp/pickaxe)

coal        50                100                        150                15,000 (7500 bonus xp/pickaxe)

When used with a Penance Horn you earn 3X XP.

Very quickly I can summarize the entire run here from start to finish so that everyone can visualize the process from start to finish.