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Exception 2: Lower-level players. If they can afford the codex, the accuracy boost will be more benefit to players who aren't maxed in the skill because they don't have the passive accuracy boosts from level. Kinda niche and temporary.

Exception 3: Off-styling. In the past, this usually meant using the 'wrong' style, like using magic on a monster with a weakness to melee. On most monsters, it really doesn't matter with a strong setup, but on especially some recent slayer monsters, attack style makes a huge difference in damage, but that difference could be made up for with accuracy buffs. This doesn't really apply to necromancy, which seems to have decent affinity everywhere but the dag kings.

In the case of necromancy, this will usually mean wearing other armor sets for the defensive bonuses. Armor style is a big buff to accuracy if using armor of the same style you're attacking with, but also gives a style-specific armour bonus (affinity) to block specific incoming damage, like range armours increase your chance to block magic dmage and decrease your chance to block melee damage, not by a huge ammount, but enough to make a difference. I absolutely hate to say it, but the biggest use I can see for this incantation is being able to use necromancy in 3+ pieces of cryptbloom.

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