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Question from Sio Aces

What are your thoughts on the scrimshaw bug?

Background: A bug involving scrimshaws was exploited through the item’s divide mechanic. Put simply a scrimshaw could be combined, divided into an hour long scrimshaw, but your character would maintain the value stored thinking it was a 24 hour scrimshaw. This led to massive amounts of scrimshaws being converted to GP by way of Clan Wars. The bug was fixed and later publicised to tens of thousands of views about a week later.

Question from Sunset Fish

Are there any RuneScape YouTubers that you watch or used to watch? I was a big fan of Skychi way way back in the day.

Question from Briflex

What are your opinions on group content? For me personally I like things scaling down to solo content because I'm not much of a group player. But for the health of the game is that worth it for the people like me?

Question from Cecil

What's the Opinion of PVM on the Mobile client? Is there like an Average Killtime list of sorts? Is it too hard for people? Or is RS Mobile Only Purpose AFK'ing activities while you watch Netflix or something?

I, for one, have a very strong opinion that RS Mobile can do so much more, and I even have the content to back it up, but why people still shy away from Mobile is an interesting topic I'd love to see someday.

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