Recording Date: Sat Dec 17 at 8pm UK time

Publish Date: Thurs Jan 5, 2023


What do you do after you’ve maxed? After you’ve completed all quests? After you’ve comped? After you’ve got trim comp? The bigger question is, what is RuneScape’s end game? End game in MMORPGs typically occurs once the levelling process is complete and you’re ready to play the bulk of the game’s content. RuneScape is different and many players have tried to quantify RuneScape’s end game but what does lead designer Mod Jack think?

What does Mod Jack think endgame is in a wider gaming sense?

RuneScape Endgame Historically and Presently

RuneScape’s Core Loop

A Core Difference: Constructed vs. Reactive Endgame

What would RuneScape’s ideal endgame be?

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