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    • Zamorak's attacks deal a second hit at 10% of the original hit, per stack

    • Players' basic abilities generate 2% more adrenaline per stack

    • If Zamorak's targets are hit below 5% (per stack) of their constitution level, they'll be executed instantly

    • Your ability cooldowns are reduced by 20% of the original cooldown per stack

    • Zamorak calls forth some of his coven to support him.

    • When standing near a hexed rune, you deal and take 5% more damage

    • Zamorak's attacks push 7% of damage through any shielding effects, per stack

    • After casting an ultimate ability, your next basic consumes guardian's triumph, increases the damage it deals by 20% damage and heals you for 8% of your missing LP per stack

    • Upon activation, Zamorak spawns traps across the arena that deal spike magic damage as you walk over them

    • Temporarily siphon the dwindling defensive power from the sword, dealing and taking 5% less damage while standing near it

    • When Zamorak's targets heal, the amount will be reduced by 10% per stack

    • While below 60% lifepoints, outgoing damage is increased by 6% per stack

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