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There's a lot of levers we can pull here, but if we go straight to pulling the demand levers, that means they have to over-correct existing flaws in supply, which are worth addressing in and of themselves.

The reason we're not going straight to reducing arrow consumption is that the arrows are another layer on top of a pre-established foundation of asynchronous supply.

The amount of resonant anima of Bik per hour supplied from Croesus is already significantly lower than the other EGWD generals (and is likely to worsen more over time given group content is a barrier of collaborative logistics - the more shiny new content gets added to the game, the harder it'll be to get a group together).

There's quirks like the Arch-Glacor doesn't provide resonant anima in hard mode (because at the time, it wasn't a worthwhile drop as there weren't any persistent uses for it).

By first stabilising the imbalanced supply of resonant anima (which means buffs to specific resonant anima sources, yay) and letting that filter through the player-driven economy, getting data to make informed decisions about balancing a living trade-beast, we then have a more stable foundation to tune the demand levers (like arrow consumption).” – Mod Stu

Listener Questions

Question from Malinoric

Currently, most of the time players spend learning pvm through slayer and low-tier bosses, ammo is barely an afterthought. Once you get to higher tier pvm, especially with abilities like Greater Ricochet and the Fractured Staff spec, ammo is consumed at almost unsustainable rates (especially for ironmen). Do you think the game would benefit from going back to a more normalized approach instead of the current proc based system currently in game? For example: Having one ammo consumed per ability cast regardless of proc.

Question from Pop

What is the stance on hardware macros as part of a non macro rotation? I asked this question at 2016 runefest and 2018 but the response was evasive and a non answer while the problem have gotten worse.

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