The finale of the Elder God Wars Story, Extinction, has just arrived. Today we're going to be sitting down with part of the team who built this quest, Mod Jack and Mod Shrike. We’ll be discussing the wind down of the Elder God Wars story and the process behind making one of RuneScape’s biggest quests.

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The Elder God Wars as a Living Story

Building Extinction

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Extinction: Lore Diggers


Question from Alaska

Who was your favourite character to write dialogue for in this quest?

Question from Shiro Shana

With many elder artefacts destroyed or MIA, are there any future plans for featuring the elder artefacts? And, could the situation get worse now that a shadow leviathan has crossed the breach?

Question from Probably Writing

Was directly fighting/defeating Seren ever in the cards? What was the thought process on letting her live?

Question from Denniz

A lot of discussion has been made on the post quest rewards, specifically the Iaia skilling. What is the reasoning for timegating post-quest skilling content through anachronia resources instead of having all activities available from the start? Are you looking at changing them at all?

Question from Derp

In the Epic of Hebe (excerpt 5), it is suggested that Hebe died in some far-away jungle, and that her pet lion Anax guards her grave to this day. How does she just turn up at the start of the quest with little introduction and/or explanation regarding her supposed death? Additionally, was it intentional that players would connect Anax to the Shaikahan?

Question from LocalScrew

To what degree are the elder newborns affected by Iaia? How much weaker are they?

Question from Jakir

How many shadow leviathans are there out there and did Zaros move/activate the shadow breach?


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