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Question from Chi Pa Pa

With "community progress bar" events like Het's Oasis, they usually end up adjusting the progress rate partway through the event to force a win no matter what. Do you feel this makes events like this kind of pointless? Or do you think it's still a fun thing to do regardless?

Question from Thaxy

I've heard a lot of complaining about the new content this week. My perspective is just that I am grateful for the continued addition of new content, but with that said, there were/are definitely some bugs with this release and some things that need to be improved. I'm not really planning to grind at this content until the patches next week. my questions, then:

How much do you think falls on the devs for something like this? To what degree do you think they should be responsible for releasing "perfectly" designed content, versus just shipping things to us and then responding to feedback?

And, somewhat sarcastically, how much of the complaining is just endgame players being impatient or complaining for the sake of complaining and having something to talk about?

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