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Question from Stray

In the last couple livestreams there have been mentions that the devs are 'aware of certain expectations concerning GWDs', I assume this is in reference to a 5th boss. Each front boss has been completely different, if a potential 5th boss follows the same pattern do you think we could be getting a new elite dungeon? and if we don't get a 5th boss do you think we'll still get boss equivalent rewards (more t95s) from whatever the final EGWD update is?

Question from Vi Nightshade

Helloooo podcasters! I wanna know how I can do most content in the game except for Ambassador >:c He is the only boss I haven't done solo ;w;

Also Questcaping is a cutie

Question from Imperialias

If you could create a new questline in RuneScape - what would it be? (Or continuation of an existing one)

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