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Question from Tyco

Dear RSBANDB. December is here and with it comes celebrations, presents and a lot of jingles to every house. I however have already started looking into RuneFest 2022 (maybe thinking too far ahead?) and what to wear at the venue. I would hope to make something more daring than the adventurer outfit I wore when I met Shane back in 2018 (and gave him a bearhug for those who remember), but the level of my crafting skill will determine how it goes. My question now is, would you be interested in taking part of this magnificent event if Jagex were to host it in the UK this coming year? If yes, what would be the one thing you would be looking forward to with the journey?

If no, what would be the biggest obstacle?

I hope I will see you all next year with archaeology capes and pitchforks.

From Tyco elf of the Nordic Lands

Question from Stray

We know now that the new EP for RS3 worked on Old School. presumably some of their design philosophy will carry over, hopefully not in the form of polling every update or runelabs. how would you feel about a 'modlabs' where devs could pitch their passion projects to the players? Also do you think the golden partyhat hunt was part of the new EP's influence? possibly an example of the type of nostalgia focused updates we might be getting.

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