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Question from Thaxy

The gravestones system still exists in game, although it's something no one uses based on the astronomical degradation cost it applies to your items. Do you think it has a place in the game, and what changes would make it useful again? My thoughts are maybe they could cut the degradation costs by 75% of the current amount, which would likely make it a discount over death reclaims, although that does just add another complicated factor into an already messy system. Alternatively, maybe they design it work like a death reclaim, but if you reach your gravestone, your reclaim is only costs 70% as much. It's not something big groups would use when they're on auras and running fast kills, but maybe something useful for newer or solo pvmers as an exchange of time for gold savings?

Question from Trekkie

There's too much money, in our elitist players. They should pay their fair share in taxes. If you were to create a money sink to remove ingame currency from the game what would it be? People have billions, gotta remove the money from their pockets. Maybe we should pull a caligula? IE make super rich people sign a contract that when they stop playing they give their money away to the state.

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