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Question from Probably Writing

​​1. Do you think the WG is gonna get to punch Seren

2. Bik holding the highest contempt for intelligent life is... interesting. Thoughts?

Question from Tyco

Dear RSBANDB. Long time no see! I have recently returned to RS3 after a break of 6 months. During my absence I noticed the whole world is about to end. Or at least will if we don't succeed. Can't Gielinor catch a break without the World Guardian having to correct everything? Anyways today I have two questions for you. First, what do you consider to be the best update of 2021? And second, which update of 2021 do you consider to be the best for new players? Looking forward to hearing your answers and may the RNG be with you.

Question from Shaun

If the eggs were to hatch and actually destroy Gielinor but you had time to evacuate the people of Gielinor (or at least the higher ups because we know how that would work...) what world or plane would you send them to and why? Eg. Zanaris, Tarddiad, Realm of the Fisher King, Enchanted Valley etc.

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