Dig Site Lore Notes: Senntisten


Senntisten was the capital city of the Zarosian empire. Senntisten sat east of Varrock and west of the current Mort Myre swamp. Senntisten was said often to be the jewel in the crown of the Zarosian empire. It was a hub for culture and organization of those loyal to Zaros himself. Persisting through the second age and being a hub in the Third Age God Wars, the city would ultimately fall.

Fast forwarding to the Fifth Age the player first got wind of an ancient city in The Dig Site quest. Senntisten itself wasn’t mentioned until Desert Treasure through the Ancient Magicks teleport to the Senntisten dig site. Throughout time we’ve gained more and more information about what the city stood for. First in The Temple at Senntisten where we unlock ancient curses by helping Azzanadra, otherwise known as Dr Nabanik, it’s by restoring the Temple at Senntisten that communication is restored with Zaros.

Much of Senntisten’s remains were unknown until the Sixth Age. We got our first glimpse into what Senntisten could be like with the Empty Throne Room accompanying the pre-release event for Children of Mah.

With Archaeology picking up steam in early 2020 the area once again became a hub when Zaros raised the mysterious monolith. Just what this was remained shrouded in mystery for a long time, until the release of Raksha.

The Elder God Wars kicked off with Azzanadra’s Quest and Battle of the Monolith which spurred our characters to lead an excavation into the City of Senntisten itself in the aptly named quest. The site manager is Jimmy but it’s effectively your own character since you outrank Jimmy. This dig site was referred to as a mini dig site because it only spans levels 60-67, however, it feels fully fledged.

Research: The Hidden Chamber (lvl 60)

Research: Prime Real Estate (lvl 63)

Research: Complete the Pattern, Solve the Puzzle (lvl 63)

Research: Are You Not Entertained? (lvl 66)

Site wide mystery: Empty Children (lvl 66)

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Research: Crossing that Bridge (lvl 67)

Site wide mystery: Night Theatre (lvl 67)

Site wide mystery: Secrets of the Inquisition (lvl 67)


Feature: Stained glass windows

Isaac Asimov - Foundation: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29579.Foundation

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