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Saradomin sees Seren as powerful and wise, and wants to depend on her, Armadyl trusts her power as well, but both he and Zamorak feel that she has hardened herself in some way, and seem wary and unsure about what she will do as the elder god wars unfold. Do you think the change they see in Seren is related to her role in Mah’s death, or to some more-immediate plan she isn’t willing to share with the others? Or something else entirely?


10-15 years ago, Runescape really only had Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix, who fairly directly represented classic fantasy archetypes of good, evil, and neutral. For the lorehounds, there was also this more-powerful, but really mysterious Empty Lord. Obviously, the dynamic has changed drastically since then, but with the deaths of Bandos and Guthix, and the (temporary?) absence or evolution of Zaros, it feels like there are some archetypes currently left unfilled.

Fast forward to current events. Talking with the gods in the Cathedral of Azzanadra, they generally seem to view Seren as the most powerful among them, although somewhat mysterious, potentially untrustworthy. They describe Armadyl as untested and maybe annoying but they also all seem to respect him in their own ways. From my perspective these descriptions seem to fit fairly nicely with our old archetypes for Zaros and Guthix.

Do you think the lore team is trying to migrate the pantheon back towards simplicity with a single primary deity for each archetype of good, evil, neutral, and powerful/ mysterious? Is this just a natural, unplanned progression as the gods become dynamic characters and respond to world-changing events? Am I reading too much into these fairly brief dialogues? What are your thoughts?

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