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Question from Pyrnassius

Hey Guys, Pyrnassius here, with a quick question for this week's podcast

With the way inflation has been going in the game, do you think it is time for them to introduce a coin worth 1 million, or perhaps even 10 million gp?

Many items are now over the max cash stack, but they have stated they can't lift the 2.147B limit due to iut being based on a 32-bit system.

Therefore, perhaps the best option is a new coin, or maybe make the First Age coin, which is worth 1m gp and is already in the game tradable.

We could "purchase" these coins from the banker, or maybe the GE trader, and then use them to buy items.

It seems a far easier and safer way than forcing people to have to use shards and such and would allow people to hold real gp over the 2.147B

Looking forward to you discussing the pros and cons on this.

May your gains be plentiful and enjoy those cocktails on the beach!

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