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Question from Pyrnassius

G’day all, Pyrnassius here with what will probably be a rather lengthy discussion topic.

With what has happened with the Battle of the Monolith and Zaros entering it and going to the alternate dimension the Mahjarrat call Erebus, do you think he is siphoning the power of the shadow anima to battle the Elder Gods, or do you think there may be another Elder Artefact hidden there?

A second point, with both Mah and Jas not having eggs in this iteration of the universe, do you think ultimately, Seren and Zaros will have to merge and become one to replace Mah and Jas will just continue on without a “rebirth”? We have a shard of Mah and a shard of Zaros. Perhaps the body of Seren eventually absorb the power in these, merging the 3 entities together and thus become the 5th Elder God, creating a new entity representing both light and dark.

A third point of discussion about all this is the direction we are being forced in.  Seren has always held the needs of the Elder Gods above all else. She literally performed genocide on Freneskae, wiping out 5 of the 7 races there to keep Mah alive, and was on her way to destroying the Mahjarrat as well, before Zaros stopped her by killing Mah. She has already said she won’t allow the eggs of the Elder Gods to be destroyed and is there to ensure that doesn’t happen, only allowing the siphoning of the anima from them as long as they aren’t destroyed.  Her allegiance has always been to the Elder Gods.  Her very nature would be to protect them above all else, and even if she would be devastated by the death of the universe and the people of Gielinor, she would not stop it, if it meant the Elder Gods would have die.

Finally, if Zaros is in Erebus to siphon enough shadow anima to compete against the Elder Gods, even though he has said this world is lost already, could he perhaps return, merge with Seren to create a new God, gathering all of the Elder Artefacts still in existence and send the original Elder Gods into an eternal sleep, whereby they aren’t actually killed, but won’t ever wake to destroy this version of the universe?

Obviously, these are all speculation and probably not where Jagex is going, but it’s fun to try and work out the direction they are taking us. Can’t wait to hear your discussion about this.

Until next time, may your gains on Gielinor be great,


Question from Choto

Do you think Sliske will reappear as Jas' champion in EGW?

Can someone please explain why on earth is the Robin bird skyrocketing? I can't find answers anywhere

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