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Question from Cireon

This week we saw the cost for Exsanguinate significantly reduced from 5 fire, 3 blood, 1 death to 2 fire and 1 blood.

1. Do you think this nerf was really necessary? Why this spell specifically, or will the others follow? Personally, I don't think it's so bad that there are costly methods to boost your DPS. Maybe not methods you'd use on an average slayer trip, but something that can push you past the hardest bosses.

2. Was this the right point to make changes to the costs? If runes are truly too expensive, should the game instead be changed to allow for more runes to enter the game (ideally through skilling, not more PvM drops)?

Question from Shaun

Once the Elder God Wars questline is finished, how would you guys feel about a civil war long quest line? Following the conclusion of Plague's End, King Thoros has replaced King Lathas and, as new king, he has plans to extend the borders of Kandarin beyond White Wolf Mountain and into Asgarnia. That of course forces King Vallance and perhaps pull in King Roald and Misthalin to take action and it puts into action a game-changing civil war in some of the most visited places in the game. I say this because, as you said, no way the Gods come out of this quest line in good shape, and how much more grand can you go than elder gods... plus I think the beauty of a game like this is making it relatable to the adventurer. Let's bring it back down to the human level and human experience of places we've known for years.

Question from Bears O.P.

Now that you can override legendary pets what override will you guys use?

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