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Question from Whiteey Gaming

Question for Tanis, how are you gaining so much fishing XP in SOTM? I went hard with fishing at the arc and am not even close to your rates!

Question from TheLion

I had an idea for a small improvement that could be made to the oddments store and to certain untradeable items.

Basically it would evolve giving you the ability to convert certain untradeable items into oddments via a right click option.  These would be items obtained from treasure hunter, premier vault, twitch loot boxes, quest rewards, etc.  Things on the list would be items such as XP Lamps, stars, protean items, training dummies, silverhawk down, tight springs, etc.

Secondly I propose they add small, medium, and large cash bags to the oddments store, which would allow you to get something of value for your oddments if there is nothing else there you need.

What are your thoughts on this idea?  Any downside to these changes?

Thanks for the weekly podcast and distraction from the outside world,



I posted this idea on reddit hoping it might peak a JMods interest.

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