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Question from Aaron

What do you guys think of existing untradeable items as compensation for those who are locked out?

Even as a main account locked out, xp isn't really worthwhile unless I earn it. Free lamps or stars doesn't feel right. In game items (or even bonds) that are worth GP can never be correct, There's no way someone six months into the game will hold the same value to items as I do as a maxed main.

One way is untradeable items. For instance I have missed out on my fair share of holiday items (keep in mind I specifically mean untradable) that maybe I wasn't playing during the holiday or it was an older item I just missed out on due to it being available for limited time and being a kid during that time.

As a huge bonus, this isn't any additional dev time as these items exist, it wouldn't cost Jagex any money like gifting additional bonds/membership. On the personal side, it would actually leave me pretty happy to receive those holiday items I missed out on which my account is old enough to receive.

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