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Question from Questcaping

What do you think should be the essential components of a RuneScape tutorial?

Question from Kesky

First of all thank you for the podcast and all the work that goes into it.  It is appreciated!  My question is:  If you were given the power to elevate one (and only one) non-god NPC to god status who would it be?  My answer is Zanik.  We need more Zaniks in our worlds.


Question from Gabrielle

If the Gielinor map was to expand once again, what would your ideal addition be, in terms of content and/or terrain?

Question from The RRMan

Kia Ora

Just wondering if you guys have made a Brooch of the Gods yet?

I was with you guys at the start that it sounded lackluster, but since I just happened to have all the components to build it on release I thought why not?

Not to mention i'm a skiller first, so I better build one for the team. Go Team!

Turns out I love it, I never forget an urn anymore, for any skill and not to mention the blessings that spawn sure do give out a lot of components over time.

I would say it's a must have if you can make one and it's perfect to use while on yak track.

Secondly, with these new rings coming in, do you think it's time for a second ring slot? Restrictions of course You couldn't wear 2 of the same etc.

Peace Out

RRman Nz

Question from Sunset Fish

With all the server issues and locked accounts. with delays.

Do you think the game could benefit from having updates less often?

Question from The Naked Captain

Why does my rng in game suck but I managed to be one of the lucky few to be locked out of my account. Lol

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