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Question from Thieves

Hey guys, just something that popped into my head that set off my theory sensors, wondering what you think:


In August we got the portable workbench.

In October we got the Artificer's measure, which is untradeable and requires 99 Crafting and 102 Archaeology to create. Some of the ingredients for this item require items from Prifddinas, therefore it's about a minimum of 75 Construction required to create this item too.

In November we got Construction Contracts, the new construction outfit and the plank box. If a player were to complete the Estate Agent's store, they would accrue about 5 million XP.

This month we got a new Yak Track that awards extra Construction XP throughout it's duration, as well as Archaeology and Herblore. This isn't outside of the norm for a Yak Track, but it's just interesting that Construction has been included this time.

Before Herblore and Farming were boosted to 120, there was a newspost that stated: "We will be increasing more skills to 120, and are currently working on two skills in particular (this obviously turned out to be Farming and Herblore)... We will be making 120s full, with worthwhile stuff to unlock... We want to reassure you that we won't be releasing 120s at an accelerated pace"

Surprisingly, the last few months updates have been fairly Construction heavy, notably the measure and the outfit tailored for extremely high level players. Construction sits at 24th out of the 28 skills players have maxed in, likely due to the fact it's expensive, boring, intensive and sadly useless.


So here's my question:

The Construction updates I've listed tackle some of the problems I mentioned above: Contracts and the measure made it less expensive. The outfit, portable and plank box made it less intensive. The skill sadly remains boring and useless, however. Have we already seen the Construction rework? Or are Jagex giving us some early tools and boosts in preparation for 120 Construction or rework like I suspect?

Appreciate the feedback.

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