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Question from Pyrnassius

Hello Shane and Tanis,

I have a quick discussion question for you this week pertaining to the upcoming dxpw event.  Jagex have now confirmed they will be doing 4 of these a year. As a maxed player, I am slowly working away to all 120's then will go on to 200m in all skills. But I don't want to rush it.

With all the free xp already given away in events like the beach, Treasure Hunter and the like, as well as oddments being tradeable for bonus stars and lamps, I feel there is way too much free xp coming in as it is.

Back in 2012, they announced dxp weekends would end. That lasted about a year, before they returned even more egregious than before. We have slowly worked from 1-2 a year, to 3 and now officially 4 a year.

Do you think Jagex should be offering an opt out option for players like myself who just enjoy the game and don't want to finish it off as quick as possible?  Last one was ok, because I could do Archaeology and that was exempt.  This time round, I will probably not play much because of the dxp.  I may just do a few clue scrolls a day or something.  I know many players love these weekends, but it does seriously lessen my sense of achievement in the game.

Love to hear your thoughts on this.

Warm Regards and Happy 'Scaping to all,


Question from Mr Ling

It has been a few days into the beach have you guys set alarms for happy hours and are you hyped for the trailer coming Friday

Question from Mod Poerkie

What do expect the Desperate Measures plot to be?

Question from Jadchor

What do you think RuneScape could do to significantly attract new players to the game? Do you feel like RuneScape will still be here in 5 or 10 years from now with the same level of population or more?

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