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Question from Cireon

Imagine: you get invited to Jagex HQ to work on one update for an Epic Game Jam weekend. Keeping in mind that you only have one weekend to work on it, what would you create?

Here's my rough idea: achievement bounties. Every week, it picks five achievements you have left to do, and it puts a bounty on either completing them, or completing part of them. For example "catch 100 charm sprites", or "gain 1 Dungeoneering level". Completing these bounties would get you a reward; the more you complete, the better the reward. It's a great way to provide some short term goals in the game when all the big achievements seem so far away!

Question from Rastafa

On the topic of 'creating a safe environment for players' as discussed on the Duty of Care livestream, Jagex seems to be making an attempt to separate their legal and ethical responsibilities and demonstrate that while legal responsibilities in this area provide a baseline, a number of their practices and/or ideals stretch above that and towards the goal of addressing their ethical responsibilities. So my question is this: What types of behaviours do you see commonly represented in-game as contributing towards an 'unsafe environment', what CAN Jagex do to combat these, and what SHOULD they do? Are you optimistic about the future in this area based on what was discussed on the livestream?

I love the podcast, keep up the great work!

Question from Trekkie

If you could ride one of the new dinosaurs into combat, which one would it be?

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