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Question from The RRMan

Awesome Work Guys! That was a great interview Podcasts, two questions, how nervous were you both? And what was the most interesting/surprising thing Mod Osborne had to say? Cheers The RRman

P.s. Tanis, have you watched the mandalorian yet? If so what do you think? I just finished episode four and BABY it's amazing, took many years to get a star wars TV show, but it was worth the wait. This is the Way

Question from Tyco Elf


In the recent months MTX has been a hot topic not only for Jagex, but also for the whole game industry. What can be seen as unfair pay-to-win in a game (from a player's point of view) can also be seen as a security of the company's finances. And what gamer wouldn't be glad to hear that the developers behind the game they love get the success they deserve? However, reactions worldwide seem to be the exact opposite. This brought me to the thought that maybe we gamers need to get back to school. With as big as gaming is in the average person life, do you think efforts should be taken to educate the players why MTX is a vital part of a company's (and thus a game's) survival? While maybe EA, Nintendo and Blizzard might not become replacements for a professor with a degree in economy, it could bring enlightment and understanding. What are you thoughts on this?

Another thing that crossed my mind was a how the mental awareness week in Runescape was tied with outfits from Solomon's general store. By paying for cosmetics players knew they donated for a good cause. What are you opinion if the same was done about game updates or priorities within the companies? Making the connections between Bonds and successful updates such as Player Owned Farm, Clue Scroll Overhaul and Elite Dungeons could really bring a new light on how players who buy with IRL money are bringing forward the game instead of being "pay-to-win" people.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts, see you this weekend.

Tyco elf of the Nordic Lands

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